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About CJ Weapons

C. J. Weapons Accessories/Buffer Technologies and is a firearms accessories supplier located in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA. It supplies sportsmen, collectors, police, and military personnel (retired and active) with accessories for their firearms. The company was founded in 1995 by retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant Jon Morgan and his wife Cindy Morgan.
The company specializes in providing cleaning and shooting accessories for various firearms.

The company is well known for designing several unique and innovative products. Various weapons and firearms publications have recommended C. J. Weapons' basic cleaning products.

The Chamber Maid is a cleaning system composed of a brush, a flexible rubber-coated rod, and a handle. This trio is screwed together to form a long and narrow chamber- and barrel-scrubbing device. The Chamber Maid is produced for eleven different kinds of firearm including rifles and shotguns.

Bore Stay

The Bore Stay locks into the chamber of a rifle (AR-15, M16, Mini-14, AR-308) in the same manner that the bolt does. The unit is hollow allowing access to the rifle's chamber and barrel for cleaning and oiling.
This is a tool for removing ruptured casings from the chamber of an automatic firearm. C. J. Weapons Accessories manufactures, but did not develop, the broken shell extractor.

About Jon Morgan's Military Service

Master Sergeant Morgan has served for 30 years in the U. S. Marine Corps. He has served in Somalia and in Operation Desert Storm of the Iraq War. He has received the Navy Commendation for heroism, the Navy Commendation for achievement, the Navy Achievement Medal, and a Combat Action Commendation with Star. The company presents Jon Morgan's military service as a significant asset in product selection and design.